I hope my boyfriend is prepared for

when we have a daughter. I’m seriously gonna be the FEMINIST SUPER MOM and our daughter will only watch movies with strong female characters, none of this Cinderella crap. I want her to know that the end goal is not to find a prince to take care of her, if she’s pretty and weak enough. 

The only Disney movie I MIGHT be okay with is the Princess and the Frog. And maybe Aladdin, because Jasmine is the hbic


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    One thing I would like to add is that even if men had more power on a political level, that doesn’t stop feminists from...
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    For the bold…well no, they are holding remarkably well organised and public protests at the very thought of any sort of...
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    To the OP — blondeyed asshat: At what point have non-radical MRAs or Egalitarians stated that it was “women” that have...
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    It sure is amazing how often so many feminists, who are themselves likely to be Democrats, suddenly forget how...
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    The last addition is entirely addressing class oppression and has nothing to do with gender oppression. Poor men aren’t...
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    And how do you figure that?
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    but if you dont indoctrinate her then she’ll be rap-i mean indoctrinated by the patriarchy! its for her own good, really
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    a single house with 20 beds does not make ‘men’s shelters facilities in canada’ it would have to be at least 2 to be...
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    …that’s…that’s not feminism, you guys…If feminism works (or when it does), you’ll see more mens shelter’s because women...

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